Dracaena Marginata Turning Brown and Dying

I received this plant in June from my mothers funeral, and it did not come with any care instructions or name. I water about once every two weeks, or when the soil feels dry to the touch. However, the ends of the leaves have been turning brown, and a number of leaves have turned totally brown. How I can resolve the browning issue and should I transplant it to a larger container? Please help me. I don’t want to kill this plant. I appreciate it!

How to Prune a Large Philodendron Selloum

Good afternoon Judy,

My wife Karen and I are moving from Ohio to California (new job). We have several house plants that we are planning to move most are peace lilys but the biggest by far is our Philodendron Selloum (I just learned the name today from your site). It is huge (at least to me). It has been moved before and requires a small truck to do so.

Is there some way to reduce it’s size so that it can be moved in the car? I don’t want to kill it and she won’t let me give it away. My wife has had this plant for 30 years and doesn’t want to give it up. Appreciate any suggestions.


How to Grow, Care for, and Identify a Kalanchoe Plant

Hi Judy, bought this plant at Walmart,it was just a stump and almost dead. After 1.5 years of growing it, it has turned into this magnificent plant…but I have no idea what kind of plant it is. Would you know what its name is?Thanks… Phil

Unidentified HousePlant is a Bridal Veil Plant

Hi! I recently bought this hanging plant for my house, it’s pretty large and I could not find a tag in the plant in order to identify it and I just want to be able to care for the plant properly.

Why Sansevieria (Snake Plant) Falling Over

A coworker has given me her snake plant. It’s quite large and planted in a 12″ pot. The snake plants I’ve seen have leaves that stand straight up. This one, however, is falling over. Many of them are about 36″ in length. There seems to be no support whatsoever. Is there a way of fixing this poor plant or is it doomed?

Plant Identification: Hawaiian Ti Plant Care Tips

I got this plant, and it was listed as Tropical Foliage. Since I brought it home, it’s looked pretty down. So I’m trying to figure out what it is so I can better take care of it. Help please! Thank you!