Names of Pet Friendly Plants-Non- Poisonous HousePlants

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I recently got two cats and gave away my plants because they were poisonous to cats. What house plants are ok to have around cats?


Hi Ed,

You can find the names and see pictures of pet friendly plants (non poisonous plants) by going to the Plant Wizard section of the website. Scroll down to Toxicity; check Non-Poisonous; click View Results. A list of non-poisonous plants will appear, as well as their pictures, and care information.

Some of my favorite plants that are safe to have around pets are the indoor palms.: bamboo palm, areca palm, cat palm, kentia palm, majesty palm, and parlor palm. These plants are lovely tall trees. These flowering plants are lovely: African violet, bromeliad, christmas cactus, hoya, lipstick plant, and orchids.

You can find my care tips on how to grow and care for these non-poisonous plants in the

Popular Houseplant section of the website.