Wandering Jew Plant Problems

Close-up of the leaves of a Wandering Jew plant.

The Wandering Jew plant, also known as Tradescantia palladia, is one of the most popular houseplants because it is easy to take care of indoors. It is loved for its bright, fractal-spotted leaves and tiny flowers that are a gorgeous shade of pink and purple. The plant grows beautifully and leaves a trail of tendrils … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant Propagation

Wandering Jew plant in a vase.

The wandering Jew plant is an excellent addition to your home. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its purple leaves that blend well with the greenness, but it also requires low effort to grow. If you’re a plant enthusiast, you have likely heard of the wandering Jew plant and wish to propagate it in … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant Indoors

Wandering Jew Hanging Plant

When growing a certain plant species in your home, mimicking its natural growing conditions ensures optimal growth and development. So, you should try providing similar conditions for your growing plant as nature does in its natural habitat. Wandering Jew plants can be grown indoors to take your home’s beauty to the next level. The purple … Read more

3 Common Pests and Diseases in Imperial Red Philodendron

A red-leaved philodendron plant in a pot on a black background.

Imperial Red Philodendron, commonly known as blushing philodendron or red-leaf philodendron, is a popular indoor plant for its color-changing leaves. The new leaves, when sprouted, are bright red before turning deep red, followed by purple, and turning shiny green for the rest of their lives. Its easy maintenance and care also contribute to its popularity … Read more

Pruning Tips for Imperial Red Philodendron

Close-up of red and green leaves of a Philodendron plant.

Hey there, plant parent! You’ve got an Imperial Red Philodendron, and you’ve been working hard to keep it healthy and happy. But have you ever thought about pruning? If not, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Pruning can seem scary, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. And it will help your plant grow … Read more

Wandering Jew Plant Uses

Close-up of purple leaves of a Wandering Jew plant.

Wandering Jew, also known as Tradescantia Zebrina, is one of the native Mexican plants. Wandering Jew Plant Uses Like all plants, the Wandering Jew plant has several uses individuals can benefit from. These include: Home Décor Tradescantia Zebrina is a beautiful plant, and they make for stunning indoor plants to keep in the living room … Read more

19 Wandering Jew Plant Benefits Every Plant Owner Must Know

A close-up of a Wandering Jew plant in a pot. The plant has long, trailing stems with green leaves.

Today’s interior decor is leaning on biophilic designs that give plants a special and much-deserved spotlight. That’s why plants like Wandering Jew and its countless varieties are also gaining recognition. However, Wandering Jew plant benefits aren’t limited to aesthetics; they’re helpful in various subtle ways. This article explores all the benefits that Wandering Jew provides … Read more

Outdoor Cultivation of Shamrock Plants

A cluster of shamrock leaves on a plant.

It is in your best interests to avoid watering the plant altogether and wait until fresh leaves begin to grow. Some variations of the shamrock plant grow easily in the United States, meaning they can grow throughout the year in various zones. However, you must bring your plant indoors in extreme temperatures since it will … Read more

The Different Types of Moses in the Cradle

A close-up of a Moses in the Cradle plant, a houseplant with heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines. The leaves are a mix of green and pink.

Moses-in-the-Cradle or Tradescantia spathacea is a well-liked decorative plant indigenous to southern Mexico and Guatemala. It belongs to the Commelinaceae family of spiderworts and is valued for its lovely leaves and straightforward maintenance. There are different types of Moses in the Cradle, also known as oyster plant, boat lily, and Moses-in-a-basket. This article will examine … Read more