Trimming Ficus Tree Roots and Repotting a Ficus

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My ficus plant has been in the same pot for over 20 years. It is very root bound. Can I cut the roots when I re-pot it. I bought root fertilizer for re-potting. Thank you so much.


Hi Renee,

Yes, you can cut the roots when you repot your ficus. If it is root bound, the roots will have filled the pot and the root ball will have taken on the shape of the pot. Use a very sharp, clean knife or scissors to prune the roots that have filled the bottom the pot and the ones along the sides of the pot. Do not remove more than 20%-30% of the roots or the plant will go into shock and lose all of its leaves.

Repot in fresh soil in a container that is only an inch or two larger than the root ball. Ficus do best when a little root bound. Be sure the new pot has drip holes in the bottom.

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