How to Prune a Tall Dracaena

My wife got this plant from her mother’s funeral (5 yrs ago). It is now in 18″ of soil and a 12″ wide pot. How do I trim, water, and such?? The top is at the ceiling and need advice on pruning.

How to Prune a Christmas Cactus

I’ve had this beauty for several years, it has been in the spot where I keep her now. I haven’t had flowers since she left my office and came to my condo and that’s okay but in the past year she doesn’t look as strong,, her branches aren’t as firm and she’s droopy. How do I bring her back to a healthy state? Thanks Judy!

Fungus Gnat Problem

I cannot seem to get rid of fungus gnats. I have repotted my plants with new soil, added a layer of tiny pebbles on the top of the soil but to no avail. Can you help me with my fungus gnat problem?
Thanks for your help and advice,

Chinese Evergreen Turning Yellow

Hi Judy,
You helped me identify my Chinese evergreen a few years ago. It has been growing nicely but is very leggy. I recently put it into a new pot and new baby stems are trying to grow but they quickly die. Also older leaves are a mixture of unhappy and and happy. I would appreciate any advice you could give to help save my plant.

Winter Care for Plants

My winter care for plants just doesn’t seem to work. The plants do well all year and then practically die in the winter. Do you have any tips on how to care for plants in the winter?

Gardenia Plant Turning Black and Leaves Falling Off

I am taking care of my sisters Gardenia plant and when I went to check on it today the leaves are wilting and turning black and falling off. Her land lady also checks on it and she fills the mister when the water runs out. My sister is in the hospital and has been in there since September. I have asked her landlady to leave it alone but I am not sure what is going on can you please help me save her plant. Thank you in advance. Paula