Pothos Plant Turning Yellow

Hi Judy,
You helped me save my over-fertilized jade plant many years ago and I was glad to see you are still available! I have a Pothos plant that is about 40 years old! I have had it since I was a teenager. I have cut it back, let it root in water and replanted it several times over the years. This one has been in this pot for about 10 years. Some of the leaves are starting to turn yellow. Not dying…just yellow. I have another plant from the same vintage that is doing great. I haven’t fertilized either of them for years. The one that is doing great is in a corner of room that only gets indirect light and probably gets less water than the one that is not doing great. The one that isn’t doing well is in our guest house where it is warmer in the summer cooler in the winter. There is another small pothos plant in the guest house as well and ALL of the leaves are much more yellow. I would really like to save the plants and would love to hear what you think.


Why is My Anthurium Plant Dying

My Anthurium plant had tiny worms throughout the soil. I picked all the worms I could see out of the soil and loosened the root ball to pick them off the roots. I used bleach and hot water to sterilize the pot and fresh potting mix and a systemic insecticide for houseplants to repot. That was about three weeks ago. The spikes have turned black at the tips and the black is moving down the spike. Leaves yellow, darken, and dry crisp one by one. Can this plant be saved? I think I have given it too much water.

Brown Spots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Can you tell me what is causing small brownish/red spots towards the center of the leaves on my fiddle leaf fig plant and how to treat and prevent the problem.

Plant Identification- Swedish Ivy

I need some help with plant identification. Got this houseplant and don’t know what it is. I have a picture of it. Can you tell me what it is? How big does it get? Is it a vine? Does it possibly bloom?

Cat Palm Problems-Yellow Leaves and Mealy Bugs

Hi Judy! My Cat Palm Problems have been causing my plant to gradually die, one leaf at a time. Today when cutting off a dead part, I noticed white on the stem bottom and think it’s mealy bugs. There is some white on the leaves also. I really love the plant and want it to live and thrive!