How to Trim a Tall Dracaena Plant

My dracaena is finally hitting the ceiling and I don’t know how to properly trim him. It seems like it would terrible to just cut it off and leave a blunt top. Can you tell me what is the proper way?

Why a Calathea Plant Gets Brown Leaves

I repotted this calathea plant after purchase & water from the tray. What is the browning from? I used standard potting soil.
Thank you in advance!

Why Rubber Tree Plant Leaves Droop

Hi Judy!
I’ve gone too long without emailing you about my beautiful, but dying, rubber tree plant. I don’t know what is happening or if I can even save it at this point but it is in pretty bad shape. I’ve attached pictures. I have two and one is thriving and the other one is dying as you can see. Any advice?

Why is Your Maidenhair Fern Turning Brown

A Maidenhair Fern has delicate fronds covered in tiny, triangular, green leaflets.

Hi Judy!

I received a maiden hair fern as a gift and it seems to be struggling. I constantly keep the soil moist and try and keep it out of direct sunlight but it seems to be browning in sections. I am not sure if this is due to lack of sunlight, insufficient watering or excess watering. Also, should I trim back the brown leaves or let them grow out? Any advice would be welcome, thank you!

Why a Calathea Plant Turns Brown

I don’t know what’s happens to my plant . I started with plants during quarantine. I’ve done well with some others no . I met this lady in HD and she recommended you . She is looking sad and I don’t know what else to do .