Cat Palm Turning Brown

Hi Judy,
My Cat Palm leaves are turning brown. I read where it needs to stay moist.
1.Should I use distilled water?
2. What type of plant food?
3. What to do with browning leaves?
4. Can I put it in the window for sunlight?

Thank you,
T Ellis

Poinsettia Plant Care After Flowers Die

I have 3 poinsettia plants that I would like to ensure will bloom next year. I’ve had good luck with one of them left over from last year but bought 2 more this year of different colors. Didn’t really know what I was doing so when I say I had good luck, it was probably just that – luck! Can you give me some pointers to make sure I do it right from now on?

Thanks, Judy!

Why Bird of Paradise Plant Leaves Curl and Turn Yellow

Hi Judy,

I would really appreciate your expertise and advice on how to save my bird of Paradise. It has been on a steady decline over the last few months. In the last month, I’ve repotted it in a last ditch attempt to save it. The soil looked quite diseased and the roots had wiry, fragile parts to them. Now some leaves are yellowing, some have brown spots and most have cracked. I’m worried that it is very droopy despite the moisture and soil pH being in the healthy range according to a new device I got to measure them.

Any advice on how to salvage this beautiful plant? Thank you for your time.

Silver Lace Fern-How to Grow care Guide

Hi Judy, I bought this plant at my grocery store. It has just a generic tag saying “tropical plant, low light, moderate moisture, moderate temperature “. I have no idea what it is! Do you? The leaves almost feel like plastic. It’s a funky wee beast. Thank you for any help. Sincerely, Tracy

Amazon Lily Plant-Eucharis Grandiflora-Plant Care Tips

My daughter gave me this plant about 10 years ago and it has done reasonably well in a south window. I water 1x weekly with pure (not “soft”) water with low concentration added plant food (Eleanor’s VF-11, 2 tbs/gal). It has wonderful large bright green leaves. This year, for the first time, it bloomed. Could you identify the plant for me, and I’d also much appreciate any insights on how to care for it. Thanks

Yellow/Brown on Dieffenbachia Leaves

Hello Judy! It’s Stephanie from Northwest Territories Canada again! I hope all is well with you. I am worried about this beauty. I am not sure if the yellow leaves and the dying tips are from over watering or the pellet stove making it very dry. Right now the first inch of soil is dry but the rest is lightly moist. Any thoughts?

Lipstick Plant – Identification and Care Tips

I picked this guy up ~15 years ago from a big box store. No label of course. It was pretty happy until I forgot to water it for a LONG time a few years ago. I’ve never seen anything quite like it since, but I want another because it did so well almost anywhere I put it.

I thought it might be tradscantia, but the leaf arrangement isn’t right. This plant had palmately arranged leaves in clusters. And the stems and leaves were more plump and succulent-y. Green leaves and reddish stems.

I’m so sorry the picture is so bad but it’s the best I could find and the plant is long gone.

Dracaena Propagation

Can this plant be saved? Also, trimmed down to where it can be smaller with the full green top and less stem?