Unidentified HousePlant is a Bridal Veil Plant

Hi! I recently bought this hanging plant for my house, it’s pretty large and I could not find a tag in the plant in order to identify it and I just want to be able to care for the plant properly.

Hi Chuckie,

Your plant is called a Bridal Veil Plant (Tahitian Bridal Veil plant), also known as Gibasis geniculata or Tradescantia geniculate. A bridal Veil plant is a close relative of the Wandering Jew plant. It is a beautiful, delicate looking, hanging houseplant with very small pointed, purple/green leaves leaves and delicate, tiny, white flowers. It is usually about 16″-36″tall and 16″-24″ wide. Here are some care instructions for growing a Bridal Veil plant so you can keep it looking healthy and full.

How to identify and care for a bridal veil plant
Bridal Veil plant

How much light does a Bridal Veil plant need: A Bridal Veil plant does well when you hang it in an area that gets bright indirect light. The bright light helps the plant flower more and maintain its deep green and purple colors. Avoid placing it in the direct sun.

What is the best temperature for a Bridal Veil plant: A Bridal Veil plant likes to be warm at all times. Keep the plant in an area where the temperature stays between  55°-75°F ( 12.8°-23.9°C).

How to water a Bridal Veil plant: Be very careful not to over-water a Bridal Veil plant. If you keep the soil of too wet, the roots will rot and the plant will die. The best way to water a Bridal Veil plant is to wait until the top few inches of soil are dry, then water well until the water comes out the drip holes in the bottom of the pot. Never allow a Bridal Veil plant to sit in water in the excess water that drains out.

How to prune a Bridal Veil plant:  You need to prune aggressively and prune often to keep a Bridal Veil plant looking full and bushy.

How to propagate a Bridal Veil plant: The best way to propagate a Bridal Veil plant is to use the stem cuttings you get when you prune the plant. Stem cuttings root easily in water or soil, and you can use clippings to share your plant with others or start new plants for yourself. Read more about how to propagate plants using stem cuttings in the Glossary the website.

How to fertilize a Bridal Veil plant: Feed a Bridal Veil plant with a well-balanced plant food every few weeks when it is actively growing. Always dilute the plant food to 1/4 the recommended strength so it doesn’t burn the roots of the plant.