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Purple African Violet Plant
Saintpaulia ionantha
Who couldn’t love an African Violet plant? With the proper care, this small, compact plant with soft, furry, dark green leaves and beautiful delicate flowers blooms all year. Varieties are available with blue/violet, pink, fusch... Read More
Agave Plant with thick green leaves
Agave attenuata
The Agave Plant, which originated in Mexico, the Southwest US, and Central & tropical South America, is an easy care impressive looking succulent plant that makes a great indoor or outdoor plant. It’s a common misconception ... Read More
White veined Alocasia plant
African Mask
An Alocasia Plant, native to Asia, is also called Elephant's Ear Plant or African Mask Plant. Alocasia Plants have large dark-green glossy heart shaped leaves with wavy edges. These stunning veined leaves come in red, bronze, blue... Read More
aloe vera
Aloe Vera
Medicine Plant
An Aloe Vera Plant is a drought resistant succulent that can be grown indoors or outdoors.  Medicine Plant is the nickname given to an Aloe Vera Plant because the sap from its leaves soothes minor skin irritations and burns. This... Read More
Dark green leaves with shiney silver markings on Aluminum Plant
Pilea cadierei
The Aluminum Plant, or Pilea cadierei, is an attractive hanging or table plant native to China and Viet Nam. This particular variety of Pilea is grown for its attractive leaves rather than its very small white flowers. The dark gr... Read More
Red flowering Amaryllis Plant
Barbados Lily
An Amaryllis Plant is native to the tropical regions of South America, and is a wonderful flowering houseplant to give as a gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. With the proper after- bloom care, an Amaryllis Plant will flower... Read More
Large wing shaped leaves on Angel Wing Begonia
Begonia Coccinea
An Angel Wing Begonia Plant (Begonia coccinea’), first found in South America, makes up a large portion of the Cane Begonia Group. All Cane Begonia plants have long stems with “joints” on them. The leaves and flowers of Bego... Read More
Anthurium plant with red flowers
Flaming Flower
Anthurium is a large genus of plants that contains well over 700 species. It belongs to the arum family (Araceae). Anthurium are also referred to as "Flamingo Flower" or "Boy Flower", both names refer to the structure of the spath... Read More
Polyscias fruticosa
If you are getting tired of Dracaenas and Palms think about using Aralias for those dark, hot corners of your home or office. The distinct leaves of an Aralia can be lacy, rounded, or spinach shaped and the color of the leaves can... Read More
Full bushy Areca Palm Plant
Dypsis lutescens
Butterfly Palms
The Areca Palm, native to Madagascar, is one of the most popular indoor houseplants sold today. Indoors it is a medium sized exotic looking plant that usually reaches a height of 6-8 feet; outdoors it may be as tall as 25 feet. Th... Read More
Showing Plants 1 to 10 of 124 total