Ornamental Pepper Plant

An Ornamental Pepper plant (Capsicum Annuum) originally from South America, is an attractive plant that can be as small as 6” or, if planted outside, as large as 2-3 feet. They have upright, shiny, green leaves and when bearing fruit, these plants are covered in small, vibrantly orange, red, yellow, and purple peppers. An Ornamental Pepper plant grown indoors usually bears fruit only once and is then discarded or planted outside. This is an easy care plant that bears ornamental fruit in the fall and winter. If you are interested in learning about more easy care houseplants, check out our Plant Wizard.



How Do I Get My Ornamental Pepper Plant to Bear Fruit Again?

Sadly, ornamental pepper plants only bear fruit one time indoors, then most people just throw the plant out.

We Keep or House Pretty Chilly (65°) Even Colder at Night. Do You Think That This Is Why My Pepper Plats Always Die?

Ornamental pepper plants like to be really warm (above 75°F). It sounds like your home is just too chilly to grow an ornamental pepper plant.