False Aralia

A False Aralia, native to New Caledonia, has many different names depending who you ask: Dizygothica elegantissima, Schefflera Elegantissima, or Spider Aralia. Whatever you call it, this is a beautiful plant with long, narrow, serrated leaves in a palmate (finger-like) arrangement. The color of the leaves starts out as a reddish, coppery green and gradually turns into a lovely dark green. A False Aralia can be used as a table plant when small and, when it matures, as a tall, exotic looking indoor tree.  It’s a great plant to propagate using stem tip cuttings.

False Aralia or Spider Aralia has long, narrow, dark green serrated leaves in a finger-like pattern.


Why Does My Aralia Lose Leaves?

There are several reasons why a false aralia loses leaves: The soil is too wet or the soil is too dry. The air is too dry. The temperature has dropped below 60°F (15.5°C)

How Can I Get My False Aralia to Get Darker Leaves?

The leaves of a schefflera dizigotheca get darker as the plant matures and it is in bright light.