Cebu Blue Pothos – The Complete Care Guide

Trailing Cebu Blue Pothos vine with vibrant foliage, cascading from a hanging basket in a bright living room.

The Cebu Blue Pothos – also known as the Dragon Tail – is a rare and beautiful kind of Pothos plant that can be distinguished by its silvery blue-green leaves. The shiny leaves are longer and thinner than the leaves on an average Pothos. The Cebu Blue Pothos’ scientific name is the Epipremnum Pinnatum, and … Read more

How to Propagate Neon Pothos

A neon pothos plant with vibrant green and lime leaves, cascading from a hanging pot.

Neon pothos, one of the most popular and dazzling types of pothos, are easy-to-handle houseplants guaranteed to uplift any room in your house. This exquisite type of pothos, indigenous to the Solomon Islands, stands out for its vining growth pattern, leaves shaped like a heart, and neon-green appearance. The best thing is that neon pothos … Read more

Are Pothos Plants Toxic to Cats and Dogs?

Vibrant green pothos vine with aerial roots, trailing gracefully from a shelf in a cozy living room.

Pothos plants are popular houseplants and can be found in many homes. They are easy to care for and add color, texture and personality to a space. Pothos plants can be grown outdoors in mild climates, but they’re typically kept as indoor houseplants because they’re so hardy and easy to keep alive. The vines of … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Golden Pothos

A potted golden pothos houseplant with several drooping leaves.

The Golden Pothos is one of the most popular indoor plants, known for its large leaves and ease of care. It’s often mistakenly called the pothos plant or devil’s ivy, among other names. The Golden Pothos is a gorgeous plant that looks great in any room, and people often place it in hanging baskets or … Read more

How to Propagate Satin Pothos Plants

A cluster of satin pothos plants in various shades of green, growing from a hanging pot.

Satin pothos plants are some of the prettiest plants you will ever have. There are many variations of pothos plants, and many house owners prefer these plants as they are easy to maintain and propagate. Satin pothos plants can be a little more tricky than other variations of the pothos plant. However, they also are … Read more

Can You Grow Pothos in Water

A single stem of a golden pothos with heart-shaped leaves growing from a glass vase filled with water. The roots of the pothos are visible in the water.

The Pothos is a very popular houseplant, and it’s easy to see why. It has thick leaves that are bright green with white veins and a light, airy appearance. Unlike many other plants, Pothos does not require soil and can be kept in water or in a hanging basket. If you’re interested in growing Pothos … Read more

How to Make a DIY Pothos Moss Pole

A close-up photo of a vertical moss pole with a green plant growing up it.

There has been significant growth in the number of people buying houseplants for their homes. Ever since the pandemic, many people have started investing in plants to add more natural accents to their homes. The most common plants people use to decorate their homes are cactus plants and pothos plants. After cactus plants, many have … Read more

Can You Propagate Pothos Without a Leaf

A close-up photo of a lush green devil's ivy plant with heart-shaped leaves, some of which have white variegation. The plant sits on a brown wooden table.

Pothos, or Devil’s ivy, is a favorite of relaxed and energetic horticulturists alike since it demands little attention. This plant is famous because it requires basic maintenance and still looks stunning on balconies, house walls, bedrooms, and offices.  Indoor gardening enthusiasts choose pothos propagation over anything else.  Propagating pothos allows you to “share the love” … Read more

Neon Pothos – Complete Guide

A close-up photo of a Neon Pothos houseplant. The plant has heart-shaped leaves that are variegated with neon green, lime green, and white. The leaves are glossy and have smooth edges. The plant is potted in a white pot and sits on a white table.

Neon Pothos is a houseplant that you can find, grow and propagate with a lot of ease. Many prefer to keep these plants as they brighten up their garden and house. These plants are beautiful and don’t require extensive care on your end. They are often titled low-fuss or no-fuss plants, as they can brighten … Read more

Why Is My Pothos Droopy?

A person holding a potted pothos plant with heart-shaped green leaves trailing down.

The Pothos plant – the Epipremnum Aureum – is a very common houseplant worldwide. You may recognize the Pothos as one of its many other names. For example, the Pothos is also called the Golden Pothos, a money plant, or in some instances, the Devil’s ivy. While the Pothos is quite common in many places, … Read more