How to Propagate Neon Pothos

A neon pothos plant with vibrant green and lime leaves, cascading from a hanging pot.

Neon pothos, one of the most popular and dazzling types of pothos, are easy-to-handle houseplants guaranteed to uplift any room in your house. This exquisite type of pothos, indigenous to the Solomon Islands, stands out for its vining growth pattern, leaves shaped like a heart, and neon-green appearance. The best thing is that neon pothos … Read more

Neon Pothos – Complete Guide

A close-up photo of a Neon Pothos houseplant. The plant has heart-shaped leaves that are variegated with neon green, lime green, and white. The leaves are glossy and have smooth edges. The plant is potted in a white pot and sits on a white table.

Neon Pothos is a houseplant that you can find, grow and propagate with a lot of ease. Many prefer to keep these plants as they brighten up their garden and house. These plants are beautiful and don’t require extensive care on your end. They are often titled low-fuss or no-fuss plants, as they can brighten … Read more