Purple flowers and velvety leaves on African Violet plant - Houseplant411 AFRICAN VIOLET PLANT Agave plant -rosette of thick, green, succulent, pointed leaves -houseplant411 Agave Plant An Alocasia plant, often brightly patterned, has large leaves shaped like an Elephants ear. Alocasia Alocasia - Jewel Alocasia An Aloe vera plant is a succulent with long, narrow, plump, pointed green leaves with little spikes along the edges Aloe Vera Plant Amaryllis plant with large, red, tubular flowers and long, green, thick leaves. Amaryllis An Angel wing begonia has large, “angel wing” shaped leaves with silver specks and produces clusters of delicate flowers. Angel Wing Begonia Anthurium plant with harge, heartshaoed green leaves and red flowers - Houseplat411 Anthurium Tall Aralia plant with woody brown trunk and lacy, fern-like green leaves - Houseplant411 Aralia Plant Aralia Plant - Balfour An Areca Palm has long, feathery fronds (leaves) that arch upwards off reed- like stems, resembling butterfly wings. Areca Palm An Arrowhead plant (Syngonium or Nepthytis), gets its nickname because of the spade-like shape of its leaves. . Arrowhead Plant Asparagus Fern - Long vines of bright green, feathery "leaves" - houseplant411.com Asparagus Fern An azalea plant with small, green leaves and pink funnel shaped flowers Azalea How to identify, grow, and care for a Baby's Tears plant Baby's Tears Plant How to identify, grow, and care for a Bamboo Palm Bamboo Palm How to identify, grow, and care for a begonia plant. Begonia Plant How to grow, care for, and identify a begonia Rx plant. Begonia Rex Plant Read how to identify care for and grow a Bird of Paradise plant Bird of Paradise Plant Learn to identify, grow and care for a Bird's Nest Fern fern Bird's Nest Fern how to grow, care for, identify a Bleeding Heart Plant. Bleeding Heart VIne Long, draping fronds covered in hundreds of green plantlets - Houseplant411 Boston Fern A Bougainvillea plant has woody vines, produces beautiful clusters of brightly colored, paper-like flowers. Bougainvillea Plant Bromeliad Plant - Silver Vase Tips on how to identify, grow, and care for a Bromeliad guamanian Bromeliad Plant- Guzmania Cereus Peruvianus is a large, upright, ridged, thorny, green cactus Cactus Plant How to identify, care for, and grow a caladium plant Caladium Plant Learn how to identify, grow, and care for a calathea plant Calathea Plant Calathea Ornata Learn how to identify, care for, and grow a Calla Lily plant Calla Lily Plant Lancet shaped, dark green, leathery leaves on Cast Iron Plant - Houseplant411 Cast Iron Plant Learn how to identify, grow, and care for a Cat Palm or Cataract Palm Cat Palm Learn how to grow identify, and care for a China Doll Plant China Doll Plant Chinese Evergreen Plant A Chinese Evergreen is an upright plant with large, green, leathery, pointed, patterned leaves. Chinese Evergreen Plant - Amelia Christmas Cactus-bright pink flowers and thick green segmented stems - Houseplant411 Christmas Cactus Plant "Daisy" Chrysanthemum plant with bright yellow flowers and green leaves. Chrysanthemum Plant he compact Cineraria plant has tight bunches of small, daisy- like flowers surrounded by large dark green leaves Cineraria Plant A Clivia plant has long, thick, arching leaves growing out of a plant bulb and produces trumpet shaped flowers. Clivia Plant A Coffee plant has dark green, crinkled leaves with ruffled edges and produces small, fragrant white blossoms. Coffee Plant Learn how to identify, grow, and care for a coleus plant. Coleus Plant Multi-colored croton plant with leaves in green, yellow, red, and orange. Croton Plant A Crown of Thorns plant is a bushy plant with thorny stems, green tear -shaped leaves, and small, colorful flowers. Crown of Thorns Plant Ctenanthe Plant Cyclamen plant - Red and white flowers and heart shaped green and solver leaves -Houseplant411 Cyclamen Plant desert Rose plant has thick, woody, twisted base and bright pink flowers -Houseplant411 Desert Rose Plant Plant with large, oval, green leaves and white pattern-Dieffenachia- Houseplant411 DIEFFENBACHIA PLANT Donkey's Tail plant has long, hanging stems covered in thick, blue-green leaves that overlap Donkey's Tail Plant A Dracaena Compacta has thick green stems and clumps of short, dark, green leaves. Dracaena Compacta Dracaena Corn Plant Dracaena Corn Plant A Dracaena janet craig plant has long sword shaped, leathery, dark green, shiny leaves Dracaena Janet Craig Long sword shaped leaves with bright green and yellow stripes on Dracaena Lemon Lime Dracaena Lemon Lime Dracaena marginata has long, narrow, green leaves trimmed in red. Dracaena Marginata A dracaena reflexa has short, narrow, pointed, dark green leaves that are spirally arranged on the stem. Dracaena Reflexa Short, yellow and green striped, leaves on dracaena reflex "Song of India." Dracaena Reflexa Song of India Long, narrow, green and white striped leaves on a Dracaena warnekii Dracaena Warnekii Large, white, tubular, scented flowers and green leaves on Easter Lily Plant Easter Lily Plant Echeveria Plant Dark green, waxy, spade-shaped leaves on an Emerald Gem plant, also called a Homalomena Emerald Gem Plant An English Ivy plant is a draping plant with small. green, leathery leaves. English Ivy Plant Colorful, textured leaves and small, bright pink flowers on an Episcia Plant Episcia Plant False Aralia A Fatsia plant is a upright green plant with shiny, leathery, palmate (handshaped) leaves. Fatsia Plant Ficus alii with green, 3"-10” long, narrow, willow-like, thick leaves and a braided trunk Ficus Alii Plant Ficus Benjamina A Rubber Tree plant with large, thick, leathery, green leaves. Ficus Elastica - Rubber Tree Plant A Ficus Pumila, also called Creeping Fig or Ficus Repens, is a draping plant with tiny leaves growing on wiry stems. Ficus Pumila Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata has large, hard, leathery leaves that look like a violin or fiddle Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant A Fishtail Palm has large fronds (leaves) with jagged edges that look like the tail of a fish Fishtail Palm Identify a Nerve plant, Fittonia, by its small green leaves with bright pink veins. Fittonia Gardenia plant has beautiful, scented, waxy, white flowers and glossy, green leaves. Gardenia Plant Tips on how to identify, grow, and care for a flowering begonia plant Geranium Plant A Goldfish plant has hundreds of small, thick, shiny, green leaves and flowers that resemble tiny goldfish Goldfish Plant A Grape Ivy plant is a trailing plant with dark green, glossy leaves shaped like grape leaves and thin stems. Grape Ivy Plant Hawaiian Schefflera arboricola gold capella has masses of small gold and green leaves Hawaiian Schefflera "Gold Capella" A Hawaiian Schefflera is a bushy plant with hundreds of small, shiny, leathery, green leaves Hawaiian Schefflera Plant A Hawaiian Ti plant with its brightly colored, sword-shaped leaves, is perfect for a bright area. Hawaiian Ti Plant Hibiscus plant with woody stems covered in glossy, maple-leaf shaped leaves and large colorful orange flowers. Hibiscus Plant Hoya Hindu Rope Plant Learn to identify, care for, and grow a Hoya plant. Hoya Plant Hoya Shooting Star plant has trailing stems with clusters of white, waxy, star-like flowers and thick, green leaves. Hoya Shooting Star Plant Jade plant with thick, green, succulent 2" leaves. Jade Plant Jasmine plants have shiny, oval leaves and white, yellow, or pink waxy, fragrant flowers. Jasmine Plant Kalanchoe plant with thick, green. scalloped, rubbery leaves and bright pink flowers Kalanchoe Plant Kangaroo Paw Fern is a short, wide plant with green, leathery, oddly- shaped fronds that vary in size. Kangaroo Paw Fern Kenta Palm has long, feathery, dark green fronds coming off of a single thin trunk. Kentia Palm Kimberly Queen fern, Australian Sword fern, has long, almost erect, sword-shaped, green fronds Kimberly Queen Fern How to propagate a lipstick plant, a hanging houseplant with small thick leaves and flowers shaped like a small tube of lipstick. Lipstick Plant A Lucky Bamboo plant has cut, thick, green stalks of the dracaena sanderiana plant Lucky Bamboo Plant A Maidenhair Fern has graceful, draping fronds covered in tiny, triangular, green leaflets. Maidenhair Fern Large, feathery green fronds on a tall majesty palm - Houseplant411 Majesty Palm Learn to grow, care for, and identify a Marble Queen Pothos Marble Queen Pothos Mimosa Pudica, Sensitive plant, has prickly delicate branches and feathery fronds that fold and droop when touched Mimosa Pudica Plant Moses In the Cradle plant has sword-shaped green, purple, and white striped leave with purple undersides. Moses in the Cradle Plant A Natal Mahogany plant has woody stems and dark green, shiny leaves. iI can grow over 7' in height and 4' in width. Natal Mahogany Plant A Norfolk Pine is a stately, symmetrical, indoor evergreen tree. Norfolk Pine Cymbidium Orchid plant has dark pink flowers with five petals and thick green leaves Orchid - Cymbidium Orchid Plant Deep purple flowers flowers on a Phalaenopsis Orchid plant open off long spikes and often last 2-3 months. Orchid - Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Ornamental Pepper Plant Learn to identify, grow, and care for a Pachira aquatica, Money Tree plant Pachira Aquatica A Parlor Palm (Neanthebella), is a compact, dark green palm with graceful fronds. Learn how to grow at Houseplant411.com Parlor Palm How to grow a Peace Lily, a plant with large, glossy, dark green leaves and impressive white “spathes" (flowers). Peace Lily Plant Unique looking Pencil Cactus has thin, succulent stems the width of a pencil, that branch upwards. Pencil Cactus Plant A Peperomia plant has thick, rubbery, green, oval leaves and thick stems Peperomia Plant Peperomia Plant - Caperata "Emerald Ripple" Persian Shield Plant The Philodendron Congo is an upright plant with lrge, dark green, thick leaves spaced very close together on a single stem Philodendron Congo Plant Trailing vines of thin, green, heart- shaped leaves on a heartleaf philodendron - Houseplant411 Philodendron Heartleaf Large, reddish/green, pointed oval leaves on Philodendron Imperial Red - Houseplant411 Philodendron Imperial Red Philodendron Micans Philodendron Selloum has wide, spreading plant with large, dark green, deeply lobed leaves. Philodendron Selloum Large, shiny green, leathery lobed leaves Philodendron Xanadu Plant This Pilea Plant, also called an Aluminum plant, is grown for its puffy, silver streaked, dark green leaves. Pilea Plant Podocarpus Plant Bright red poinsettia plant. Learn how to get a poinsettia to flower again Poinsettia Plant Pink and green Polka Dot Plant Polka Dot Plant A Ponytail Palm has a large, swollen base and long, grasslike, thick, green leaves Ponytail Palm Plant Pothos plant with green and yellow leathery, heart-shaped, shiny leaves. Pothos Plant Large patterned leaves with hues of red, green, brown, and cream, on a Prayer Plant. Prayer Plant How to identify, grow, and care for a Purple Velvet plant. Purple Velvet Plant Purple Waffle Plant Learn how to identify a Pygmy Date Palm so it can be given the proper care to grow well. Pygmy Date Palm Rabbit's Foot Fern, a "footed fern" with lacy, bluish, green fronds and hairy rhizomes - Houseplant411 Rabbit's Foot Fern A Rhapis Palm or Lady Palm has large, shiny, dark green fronds with blunt tips. Rhapis Palm Miniature Rose Bush plant with small 1”-2” (2.5-5cm) pink flowers and dark green leaves Rose Bush Plant Thick trunk topped with stiff, arching fronds - Sago Palm - Houseplant411 Sago Palm A Sansevieria Plant, Snake Plant, has thick, upright, leathery leaves that can be green, yellow, and white. Sansevieria Plant A Schefflera plant, or Umbrella Plant, has large, shiny, green leaves that drape down like an umbrella. Schefflera Plant Selaginella, Spike Moss, has scalelike green, lacey leaves on trailing or erect stems. Selaginella Plant Shamrock plant, Oxalis, has dark purple, thin, triangular leaves and pink flowers. Shamrock Plant Spider Plant-Long, narrow, green and white, draping striped leaves Spider Plant Split leaf philodendron, Monstera deliciosa, has large, glossy, green leaves that split from center vein to leaf edge. Split Leaf Philodendron Plant Staghorn Fern A hanging Strawberry begonia plant has fuzzy leaves and white flowers. Strawberry Begonia Plant A Stromathe Plant has beautiful long, thick, glossy leaves in different patterns of white, red, pink, and green Stromanthe Plant Swedish Ivy plant has green, leathery scalloped leaves. Swedish Ivy Plant Terrarium A Wandering Jew plant has long vines of colorful patterned leaves that are green with purple stripes and a silver shine. Wandering Jew Plant A Yucca plant has long, green, leathery, pointed leaves about a foot in length and an inch wide. Yucca Plant A Zamioculcas Zamiifolia-ZZ plant, has long, thick stems covered in plump, leathery, shiny green leaves Zamioculcas Zamiifolia-ZZ Plant Zebra plant, Aphelandra squarrosa, has shiny green leaves with distinctive white veins and produces yellow flowers. Zebra Plant