8 Wandering Jew Plant Varieties You Need in Your Home

A close-up of a Wandering Jew plant with green and purple leaves.

Indoor plants are a great and affordable way to invest in a home and office decor. The gorgeous green plants add liveliness to the home while remaining timeless and versatile. Wandering Jew plant varieties are certainly on top of the chart for being the most eye-catching indoor plants. This article discusses several Wandering Jew plant … Read more

Echeveria Plant

A close-up photo of a succulent Echeveria plant with plump, purple leaves in a terracotta pot. The leaves are tightly packed in a rosette formation and have a powdery blue bloom on their surface.

How to care for an echeveria plant, a succulent plant with a rosette of small, plump leaves. Care guide for growing an echeveria plant at Houseplant411.com

Staghorn Fern

A close-up photo of a Staghorn Fern mounted on a wooden board. The fern has two large, shield-shaped fronds that are covered in a dense mat of green, hair-like scales. The fronds have wavy edges and are divided into lobes. Several smaller, fiddle-headed fronds are emerging from the center of the plant.

Learn how how to grow, identify, water, feed, prune, and propagate a Staghorn Fern, also called an Elkhorn Fern. Read about Staghorn Fern lighting requirements, diseases, and pests. See a picture and get answers to Staghorn Fern plant care questions.

Persian Shield Plant

A close-up photo of a Persian Shield plant with deep purple, ruffled leaves and green stems. The leaves have a metallic sheen and veins that shimmer in the light.

Learn how to grow and care for a Persian Shield plant. See a picture and read about light, water, fertilizer, propagation, pests, diseases, potting, and pruning a Persian Shield plant.

Purple Waffle Plant

A succulent houseplant with ruffled, puckered leaves resembling waffles, showcasing a blend of purple and green hues.

Read how to identify, care for, and grow a Purple Waffle plant. See a picture and read tips on light, water, fertilizer, propagation, pests, diseases, and pruning. Learn if a Purple Waffle plant is poisonous and if it cleans the air from Houseplant411.com.

Philodendron Micans

A potted Philodendron-Micans showcasing its signature velvety texture and subtle variegation, making it a popular choice for indoor plant enthusiasts.

Read our how to grow care guide for a velvet- leafed philodendron micans, also called a Velvet Leaf philodendron. See a picture and read about light, water, fertilizer, pruning, pests, diseases, and propagation.

Ornamental Pepper Plant

A potted ornamental pepper plant with clusters of miniature peppers in various stages of ripening, adding a touch of whimsy and color to any space.

Learn how to grow an Ornamental Pepper plant. Read our care tips on light, water, fertilizer, temperature, and how to get the plant to grow fruit.

False Aralia

A close-up photo of a False Aralia plant. The plant has large, glossy leaves with ruffled edges, arranged in a spiral pattern on the stem. Some leaves are variegated with light and dark green shades. The plant is potted in a decorative ceramic pot.

How to grow and care for a false aralia, schefflera elegantissima, spider aralia. Learn lighting needs and how to water, fertilizer, propagate, and prune. See a picture and read answers to questions about False Aralia plant care.


A handcrafted terrarium filled with air plants, succulents, and tillandsias, creating a low-maintenance and visually captivating display.

Learn about different types of terrariums and the right plants to put in the at Houseplant411.com

Aralia Plant – Balfour

A versatile houseplant: An Aralia Plant - Balfour displaying its unique foliage and easy-going nature, perfect for beginner and experienced plant parents alike.

How to grow and care for a Balfour Aralia plant also called a Dinner Plate Aralia. Learn lighting needs, insect and disease problems, and how to water, fertilizer, and prune a Balfour Aralia. See a picture and read answers to Aralia care questions.