This Glossary is a list of terms and words relating to plants. Read information and see  pictures about plant pests, diseases, propagation methods, clean air plants, poisonous houseplants, bonsai techniques, and helpful plant products. You can explore the Glossary as a list, or link to these terms from various plant detail pages. See Entire Glossary
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Pepper sprays are a great natural way to get rid of houseplant pests. Peppers and even some herbs contain the chemical “capasaicin.” Capasaicin can be found in paprika, chili peppers, cayenne pepper, dill, and red & black ... Read More
Plant cleaners are commercial products that clean and shine the leaves of indoor plants.  Always read the instructions thoroughly and test any houseplant cleaner on one or two leaves to be sure it won’t damage the plant. Move t... Read More
Leaves that are slender, narrow, and do not have a leaf blade are called needles.... Read More
Here are a few fun & easy projects to teach children how plants grow. Do plants use water? Fill jar with water & add food coloring. Place celery stalk or white daisy in jar. As transpiration occurs, water is absorbed &... Read More
Propagating houseplants by plant division works well with plants that form root clumps as they mature. When the roots fill the pot, take the plant out and gently pull the root ball into sections, never use a knife to do this. Plan... Read More
Chart of Plant Propagation Basics
There are 5 major ways to propagate houseplants: plant cuttings, plant division, offsets, air layering, and plantlets. Whichever propagation method you choose, the parent plant should be healthy and your tools should be clean and ... Read More
Chart showing plant propagation by air layering
Propagating houseplants by Air Layering is used primarily for large plants with thick strong stems that are not easily propagated by other methods. The new plant is propagated while still attached to the parent plant. 1. Use a ... Read More
Certain plants, such as spider plants, send off long slender stems called runners. New plants, or plantlets, that can be used for propagation, often develop at the ends of these runners. Place the plantlets on top of potting soil ... Read More
Offsets developing from plants
Houseplant offsets, or pups as they are sometimes called, are the baby plants that form at the base of certain houseplants.Plant offsets can be used to easily propagate new plants. Wait until the plant offsets have grown at least ... Read More
Leaf cuttings used for plant propagation
Cut off a healthy section of stem, leaf, cane, or branch from a plant;  use this plant piece to start a new plant. Stem CuttingsRead More
Showing Terms 1 to 10 of 15 total