Spider Mites – Plant Pests

Spider mites, plant pests that are members of the Acari family, are very, very tiny insects about 1 mm in size. The most common indoor mite is the Red Spider Mite. These pests lay their eggs on the back surface of  plant leaves and produce fine webbing, especially where the leaves are attached to the stems. Spider Mites are extremely hard to see with the naked eye and often appear as small red dots. They are more often noticed  by the gritty feel to the leaf when you run your finger over  it and by the appearance of blotchy, discolored leaves. The best way to prevent  Spider Mite damage is to keep your plants clean and dust free. Treat a Spider Mite infestation by spraying all parts of the plant every 10 days with an insecticidal soapInsecticidal Soap is defined as any of the potassium fatty acid soaps used to control many plant pests and diseases. This product is typically sprayed on plants in the same manner as other insecticides. It works only on direct contact with the pests. The fatty acids disrupt the structure and permeability of the insect cell membranes and the insect quickly dies. Soaps of this kind also work well on fungus infections such as botritis and leaf spot as well as on common houseplant pests such as spider mite and mealy bug. or Neem OilLearn about Neem Oil, a natural, organic, non-toxic product for treating houseplant insects and diseases..