Aphids, often called plant lice, are tiny soft-bodied pear shaped insects that can be black, yellow, green, or brown. Aphids are often inconspicuous until large colonies have formed. Unlike most insects, Aphids are mostly female, can reproduce without mating, and give birth to live insects not eggs. Female aphids can produce up to 100 daughters in a lifetime and these daughters are capable of reproducing within 6-8 days of their birth. Aphids damage plants by sucking out their sap. Aphids especially like stems, new growth, the underside of leaves, & flower buds. Removing the sap from a plant causes curling and crinkly leaves & ruins flower buds. Aphids also transmit viruses from plant to plant. Like mealy bugs, aphids secrete a sticky product called “honeydew.” Honey Dew acts as breeding ground for sooty black mold and attracts ants. Aphids are difficult to see & reproduce rapidly, so check plants weekly. If aphids appear on a leather leafed plant, spray the “Green Solution” or neem oil. For furry leafed plants spray with a mixture of warm water, a few drops of mineral oil, & a few drops of liquid dish soap. Live lady bugs also do any excellent job of getting rid of aphids and many other insects.