The Glossary explains the meaning of different terms we use when talking about how to grow and care for plants. You can read information and see pictures about plant pests, diseases, propagation methods, clean air plants, poisonous houseplants, bonsai techniques, and helpful plant products. The Glossary can be accessed from  the link below or you can link to these terms from the plant detail pages. See Entire Glossary
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Botrytis, or gray mold as it is commonly called, is a fungus that attacks the leaves, flowers, stems, and rhizomes of house plants. It first appears as a round brown or gray spot that gradually turns into a mass of fuzzy gray spor... Read More
If you don't want to use a commercial chemical product to treat plant pest problems try the “Green Solution.” This is a mixture of water, alcohol, biodegradable liquid soap, and mineral oil. Always test any spray on one or two... Read More
This is an artificial light source that helps plants grow when there is not enough natural light. These lights attempt to provide a spectrum of light similar to what the sun provides. Orchids & African Violets can be encourage... Read More
Showing Terms 1 to 3 of 3 total