Winter Care for Kimberly Queen Ferns

QUESTION: We have 9 Kimberly Queen Ferns that we have potted and keep outdoors. We let them die out in the winter and replaces them in the spring. We would like to keep them alive over the winter and want to know how to do that. We are going to put up a portable green … Read more

How to Tell When a Plant Needs Water?

QUESTION: What’s the best way to decide if a plant needs to be watered? Thank you! ANSWER: Hi Sherrie, The amount of water a plant requires depends upon several factors. The higher the temperature and the brighter the light, the quicker plant soil dries out. Plants with thin leaves need to be watered more often … Read more

Plant Identification: Rhipsalis Mistletoe Cactus

QUESTION: I have a cutting of this plant, the lady told me what it was but I can’t remember. It has a long name, its stem is woody feeling and she said the whole plant gets big and crazy with these stems. Thank you for any help you can give. ANSWER: Hi Ken, Your plant … Read more

Why Do Leaves on Palm Plants Turn Brown?

QUESTION: I have an indoor palm tree that is having (so far) minor issues with the tips of the fronds turning brown. What causes this and how do I fix/prevent it? ANSWER: Hi Kyle, In general, brown leaf tips on an indoor palm are usually the result of a watering issue. Allow the top 1/3 … Read more

How to Grow an Indoor Palm from Seeds

QUESTION: Could you tell me how to grow a palm plant from the seeds that are sprouting on it? ANSWER: Hi Jan, Here are some steps to help grow a palm from seeds. It is a slow process so be patient. Germination and plant development will take quite a while.

Why Chinese Evergreen Plants Get Yellow Leaves

QUESTION: Hi Roberta, The confusing thing about Chinese evergreen plants is that they can get yellow leaves when they are either over or under-watered. Allow the top 25-30% of the soil to dry out before watering. Try to check the soil as far down as possible to see how wet it might be. You can … Read … Read more

Sedum spurium – “Fools Gold” Sedum

QUESTION: Hi Judy!I got this plant in a pre-made terrarium of succulents. All of the succulents except this guy died. This plant seems to trail/creep and its leaves are tiny and a little thick – similar to succulents. Leaves have dark green ovals in the middle, light green outside and a sort of reddish/pink tint … Read more

Drooping Peace Lily Plant

QUESTION: I have separated my old peace lily that grew too big for the pot and planted in two pots. One is doing just fine and flowering, but the other one is not. I attached the picture. It’s been this way since I re-poted it even though the soil is moist and it gets enough … Read more