Drooping Peace Lily Plant

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I have separated my old peace lily that grew too big for the pot and planted in two pots. One is doing just fine and flowering, but the other one is not. I attached the picture. It’s been this way since I re-poted it even though the soil is moist and it gets enough light. Any advice?

Thank you


Hi Zhanna,

If the soil is moist and the leaves are drooping, it usually means that the roots have been badly damaged and can no longer send water up to the leaves. How long ago did you separate the original plant? Has this plant ever perked up? Are the leaves turning black? The leaves of over watered Peace Lily plants usually get black tips and I don’t see any black tips in the picture.

When you lift the plant is it light or heavy? If the plant is very light, it might not be as moist as you think and it might need water. If this is the case, set the plant in a deep saucer of water for 15 minutes. Allow the plant to drain in the sink before returning it to its decorative container. If it’s a lack of water problem, the plant should perk up by the next day.