Keep Cats Away from Plants

A tabby cat perched on a window sill, looking curiously out at the greenery below. A potted houseplant sits safely on a nearby shelf, out of the cat’s reach.

How to keep cats away from plants: This article will deal with how to keep cats away from plants. Cats love to chew on houseplants and dig in the soil. They need to do this especially when they don’t have easy access to real grass. Cats collect painful hairballs in their body and the only … Read more

Water Causes Many Houseplant Problems

I’ve been in the plant business for over 35 years. For most of that time, I owned one of the largest interior plantscape companies in Arizona. I, along with my 20 or so employees, installed and maintained the plants at over 600 homes, offices, and businesses. Now I’ve sold that company and spend most of … Read more

Sea Lions Everywhere

I know I promised more pictures from the Galapagos “next day” but getting caught up after being away for almost three weeks is hard! There were so many Ask Judy questions to answer, I’ve been working on them all day every day. But things are looking up and the back log of questions is dwindling. … Read more