Poinsettia Care After Flowers Fade

A cluster of pink Poinsettia flowers, their star-shaped petals gathered in vibrant blooms, stand out against a dark background.

Here are some steps to follow that will help your poinsettia plant become colorful year after year. Late Winter/ Early Spring Poinsettias have long-lasting blooms so their colorful bracts (flowers) remain showy for several months. During this time, side shoots develop below the bracts. To have a well-shaped plant the following year, cut off any … Read more

Is Mistletoe Poisonous?

A close-up photo of a mistletoe sprig with lush green leaves and pearly white berries, suspended from a tree branch.

The old tradition of kissing under the mistletoe has been around for a very long time, and the temptation for a small child or pet to munch one of the pretty red berries is always there. So is mistletoe really poisonous or is it just an old wives tale? The truth is that it really … Read more

How to Get Poinsettias & Christmas Cactus to Bloom

A close-up of a vibrant red poinsettia, its star-shaped bracts bursting forth from a cluster of emerald leaves

Two of everyone’s favorite plants for the Holiday Season are the Poinsettia (Euphorbiaceae pulcherrima) and the Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera briggesii or Zygo Cactus)). However, these plants don’t necessarily bloom naturally during the month of December. They are both photoperiodic plants and have to be tricked into flowering at the right time. Poinsettias and Christmas Cactus, … Read more

Flowering HousePlants That Bloom All Year

Cut flowers are beautiful, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy care flowering house plant that will bloom year after year? Here are a few of my favorites with links to learn all about caring for them. Lipstick Plant   Goldfish Plant:     African Violet   Angel Wing Begonia   Kalanchoe

Calla Lilies Make Great Indoor and Outdoor Plants

A close-up photo of two white calla lilies with yellow centers.

As Easter approaches, the stores are going to be filled with Easter Lilies. They are quite beautiful but the blooms don’t last very long. My favorite “houseplant lily” is the Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopica).  Alternate Names for this plant are Trumpet Lily, Lily of the Nile,  Arum Lily, and my favorite, Varkoor Lily (an Afrikaans name … Read more