Grape Ivy Plant

A Grape Ivy plant, Cissus rhombifolia, (also called a Cissus alata) and its relative the Oak Leaf or Ellen Danica Ivy, has dark green, glossy leaves that grow off of long , thin stems. The plant is usually only about 18″ tall but can have trailing vines up to 10ft. in length.  Grape Ivy plants look beautiful sitting on a table or hanging in a basket. The tendrils of a Grape Ivy plant or Oak Leaf Ivy plant help them cling to poles or pieces of bark. These plants may be a little difficult to locate because many greenhouses don’t want to spend the extra money and time it takes to grow them properly. They can be found at various online plant shops. The new Grape Ivy plant varieties are hardier and less prone to diseases and insects such as spider mites. 



I Am Giving My Grape Ivy Plenty of Water but the Leaves Keep Getting Brown and Crunchy and Entire Stems Are Dying.

You’re describing an overwatering problem. Cut off all of the dead stems and damaged leaves. Do not water again until the soil has thoroughly dried out. Depending upon how badly you have damaged the roots, you may have to cut the entire plant back to the soil line.

I Am Getting Yellow Leaves on My Oak Leaf Ivy. It’s Not in the Direct Sun & I Don’t See Any Bugs.

The plant probably needs to be fertilized a little more often with a balanced houseplant plant food at ½ strength.

My Grape Ivy Seems to Be All Stem and Very Few Leaves.

Try moving your plant to a brighter location and trim back the bare stems.

I Have Tried and Tried to Get Rid of the Mealy Bugs by Spraying My Plant With Your “green Solution” but They Keep Coming Back. What Else Can I Do?

If your plant is not too large, submerge your entire grape ivy in a bucket or tub on mild soapy water and gently scrub it. Then use the green solution every 10 days for a month. If the Mealy Bugs still persist, you’ll have to purchase a chemical pesticide for treating Mealy Bugs.

One Side of My Grape Ivy Looks Great, but the Leaves on the Other Side Are All Burnt Looking.

It sounds like one side is in the direct sun and the leaves are being scorched. Move your plant so that it is never in the direct sun.