Clivia Plant

Clivia plants, close relatives of Amaryllis plants, are easy- care almost indestructible flowering plants from South Africa. Named after a Duchess belonging to the Clive family, Clivias have long, thick, dark-green arching leaves growing out of a large plant bulb. The trumpet or lily- shaped flowers are 2″-3″ in size and can be orange, orange/red, yellow, or cream colored. Clivia flowers appear as a dense cluster of 15-20 small blooms at the end of a long stem. Clivia plants bloom for about 4 weeks during the late spring and early summer when the weather is warm and the days are long. A Clivia plant is a very poisonous plant and should be kept way from small children and pets. Read more about common houseplants that can be dangerous in my book Don’t Feed Me to Your Cat: A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants. Clivias are large plants that can grow 2-3 feet tall and almost as wide. Planting a Clivia in a heavy clay or ceramic pot prevents it from tipping over. The older a Clivia plant gets the more beautiful it becomes



How Often Should I Repot a Clivia Plant? My Clivia Seems Very Large for Its Pot and It Is Falling Over.

A Clivia blooms more and grows best when it is root-bound in a small pot and really only needs a new pot about every three or four years. If your Clivia Plant is falling over, you may need a heavier deeper pot but no wider.

Does a Clivia Plant Ever Need Pruning?

The only pruning you need to do on a Clivia is to cut off the dead flowers at the base of their stalk and remove any brown or dead leaves, otherwise this beautiful plant never needs any trimming.

What Are Brown Spots on the Leaves of My Clivia Plant? Do You Think It Might Be an Insect or a Disease?

The most common reason a Clivia plant gets brown spots on its leaves is sun burn from too much direct sun. Move your Clivia to an area of bright indirect light. The intense sun is also making the area too warm and probably causing the blooms on your plant to fade rapidly.

Why Are the Leaves on My Clivia Plant Shriveling and Turning Yellow and Brown?

Over-watering or severe under-watering are the main reasons Clivia plant leaves have problems. Check the soil and see if it’s too wet or too dry.