See a picture, learn to identify, and read about Aphid houseplant pests in the Glossary of Houseplant411.com.

Herb Gardens

Learn how to make an herb garden at Houseplant411com/glossary

Pepper Spray for Plants

Pepper sprays are a great natural way to get rid of houseplant pests. Peppers and even some herbs contain the chemical “capasaicin.” Capasaicin can be found in paprika, chili peppers, cayenne pepper, dill, and red & black pepper. You can make your own hot pepper spray: boil a few cups of water, add about 1/2 … Read more


Hydroponics is a type of hydroculture and is a way to grow various types of plants in water, without any soil, and with the addition of mineral nutrient solutions. All kinds of plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only or in medium, such as perlite, gravel, or coconut husk. … Read more


Learn what fungicides are and how they are used to treat fungal and bacterial plant infections.

Saucers for Houseplants

Deep plant saucers that collect excess water are necessary to prevent water from ruining carpets, floors, and furniture. Saucers can be placed either inside a decorative pot or basket or on the outside under the entire plant arrangement. I recommend that saucers be placed inside; not only does this look better but more importantly it … Read more

Grow Lights for Plants

This is an artificial light source that helps plants grow when there is not enough natural light. These lights attempt to provide a spectrum of light similar to what the sun provides. Orchids & African Violets can be encouraged to bloom all year & herbs and salad greens can be grown indoors. Different plants require … Read more

Water Meter for Plants

How to know if your plant needs water. Learn how to use a water meter, also called a soil moisture meter, to find out how wet or dry your plant soil is and whether it’s time to water.

Plant Needles

Leaves that are slender, narrow, and do not have a leaf blade are called needles.

Sooty Mold Plant Disease

Sooty Mold is a form of fungus that grows on the sugary honeydew secreted by aphids, scales, the whitefly, and other insects that suck the sap from plants. Sooty Mold is an unsightly black powder that can quickly coat the leaves of a plant in just a few weeks. The fungus itself doesn’t really harm … Read more