The Glossary explains the meaning of different terms we use when talking about how to grow and care for plants. You can read information and see pictures about plant pests, diseases, propagation methods, clean air plants, poisonous houseplants, bonsai techniques, and helpful plant products. The Glossary can be accessed from  the link below or you can link to these terms from the plant detail pages. See Entire Glossary
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Thrip are tiny winged brown insects that feed on the surfaces of plant leaves, flowers, and buds. They leave silver spots around their feeding areas and dark dots of excrement. Thrip not only weaken plant growth and distort buds a... Read More
Water meters, also called soil moisture meters, measure how much water there is in the soil and hopefully prevents you from over or under-watering your houseplants. It’s important to remember that different plants require differ... Read More
Whiteflies are small gnat-like insects, covered in a powdery white wax that  feed on the sap of plants. This causes leaf-drop and weakens the plant in general. Whiteflies secrete a sticky substance called honeydew while they feed... Read More
Yellow Sticky Insect Cards are used to trap thrips, whiteflies winged aphids, and fungus gnats. Place little pieces of the card inside the pot of the infested plant and near doors, vents, and windows. Stir the soil to encourage th... Read More
Showing Terms 51 to 54 of 54 total