The Glossary explains the meaning of different terms we use when talking about how to grow and care for plants. You can read information and see pictures about plant pests, diseases, propagation methods, clean air plants, poisonous houseplants, bonsai techniques, and helpful plant products. The Glossary can be accessed from  the link below or you can link to these terms from the plant detail pages. See Entire Glossary
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This fungal infection has many names, because it causes so many different problems. Red Blotch is also known as leaf blotch, measles, and red spot. This disease looks worse than it is. Red Blotch causes anything from small red spo... Read More
Image of over watered plant suffering from root rot
Root rot is a condition found in houseplants with poor drainage. The roots of the plant rot as a result of over-watering. The excess water makes it very difficult for the roots to get the air that they need, causing them to decay.... Read More
Rooting Hormone helps plant cuttings produce new roots and is very important to use if you want your propagation attempts to be successful. Always dip the cut end of a stem or leaf into water and then dip it into the rooting hormo... Read More
Showing Terms 1 to 3 of 3 total