19 Wandering Jew Plant Benefits Every Plant Owner Must Know

Today’s interior decor is leaning on biophilic designs that give plants a special and much-deserved spotlight. That’s why plants like Wandering Jew and its countless varieties are also gaining recognition. However, Wandering Jew plant benefits aren’t limited to aesthetics; they’re helpful in various subtle ways.

This article explores all the benefits that Wandering Jew provides to plant owners and the environment.

19 Wandering Jew Plant Benefits You Must Know

Wandering Jews, also known as inch plants or spiderworts, are widely renowned for their aesthetics. Therefore, many interior design and landscaping projects also capitalize on these gorgeous plants. However, they offer more than what meets the eye.

Here are some Wandering Jew plant benefits every plant owner must know to correctly utilize.

Beginner Friendly Plants

Many novice plant owners are scared regarding plants’ maintenance. However, Wandering Jew is pretty beginner friendly and doesn’t require constant attention to thrive. They naturally adapt to their environment and can forgive amateur gardeners’ neglect.

Easy Maintenance

As discussed above, Wandering Jews are beginner friendly due to low maintenance. Therefore, all you need to make these plants grow and bless your home’s space with the utmost beauty is to offer it regular watering.

Wandering Jews love well-draining soil with the perfect watering to avoid overly damp soil. Since there’s no need for purely soaking the soil, people with busy schedules who forget to water the plants can get away with Wandering Jews.

Besides the watering schedule, Wandering Jews also need some sunlight. However, the sunlight mustn’t be direct as the Wandering Jews’ leaves are prone to get burned. Hence, place them indoors near a window that lets a perfect amount of gorgeous sun rays into the room.

The slightly translucent sunlight paired with proper watering can help Wandering Jews thrive and add a touch of sophistication to the interior. Thus, the plant is known for its easy maintenance.

Easy Propagation

Many plant owners are often worried about creating a tiny garden space which can be costly as they need more plants to create an ecosphere. However, with Wandering Jew’s easy propagation, plant owners don’t need to spend extra dollars and can use their existing plants to work wonders.

All you need to propagate Wandering Jews is an inch or two of the plant’s cutting. Ensure that the cutting has at least 1 leaf node for proper flourishing. You can use moist soil or a properly filled water container to propagate the eye-catching indoor plants. Place the plant in front of a window that offers ample indirect sunlight.

Low-Cost Options for Interior Decor

Another incredible benefit of Wandering Jew is its low cost. Compared to other home décor options in the market, Wandering Jews are relatively budget-friendly. Moreover, since you can easily propagate these lasting plants, you don’t need to constantly spend money on new ones.

You also don’t need to fear killing the plants without proper maintenance, saving money in the long run. Hence, the low-cost Wandering Jews are additionally beneficial for your budget. 

Highly Sustainable for Home and Office Decor

Whether you view Wandering Jews as an aesthetic piece or a major part of your indoor garden, you can rest assured of its sustainability. These plants are highly resilient, thrive, and last for years with extra care. Therefore, you don’t need constant reworking on your home or workspace’s interior design and can rely on these sustainable plants to add beauty to the area. 

Improves Humidity Level

Regulating humidity levels around your home or office can be challenging, especially in regions with high humidity. However, instead of investing in large dehumidifiers, you can easily opt for indoor plants such as Wandering Jews.

The gorgeous plants are known for their colors, but they also help regulate the humidity levels of the environment around them through transpiration. Hence, the colorful leaves of these plants soak in the moisture and release it around to keep the air fresh and the temperature low.

Natural Air Purifier

Plants are natural air purifiers too. However, Wandering Jew is one of the leading plants in this category and is known to absorb numerous harmful gasses. Carbon dioxide is a toxic gas for humans, and Wandering Jews readily absorb this gas, keeping the environment fresh.

Other than carbon dioxide, Wandering Jews are also skilled at absorbing other toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde, common chemicals found in paints. These toxic chemicals can suffocate humans and cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues. Hence, by having Wandering Jews in your household or around your office with paintwork, you can quickly purify the air.

Aesthetically Appealing for Various Spaces

You can’t go wrong with Wandering Jews when you want to create a harmonious feel around a massive space. These plants can work wonders for homes and look just as good in offices. Moreover, the endless variety offers vivid colors and adds lividness to the space.

Hence, regardless of the room or the building, Wandering Jews look like they belong. They adapt to the environment, work their dehumidifying and air-purifying magic and look stunning. You can place them as the centerpiece with other complimentary plants and flowers or let them peek from a pillar’s corner; they’ll look exquisite regardless. 

Diverse Uses as a Decor Item

Having hanging baskets filled with mesmerizing Wandering Jews can be an excellent way to instantly amp up your balcony. The trailing vines overflowing from the basket will add movement and offer an interesting piece to onlookers. However, that’s not the only way to keep Wandering Jews around the house.

Wandering Jews are known for their role in picturesque landscapes too. Hence, if you have a colorful garden, adding Wandering Jews will elevate it. Moreover, many people using the plants indoors or outdoors love to pot these flowers and wrap the vines around less aesthetic structures. 

You can also let your windowsill become home for Wandering Jews and let them beautify your workspace or room.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Whether you look up history or check today’s scientific studies, you’ll realize that the effects of plants on stress reduction are highly strong. Many plants are also known to reduce stress through their unique smell, especially as they blossom, while others are simply pleasing to the eye.

Wandering Jews are one of those distinct species that reduce stress in both ways. While the striking bright colors calm down jittery nerves, their smell also acts as a nerve relaxant. Hence, with Wandering Jews around your workspace, you can keep your stress and anxiety somewhat in check.

Normalizes Heart Rhythm

Many plant owners with Wandering Jews also swear by this plant to bring their heart’s rhythm back to normal. There is still no scientific evidence to support the claims of Wandering Jews’ antiarrhythmic properties. Hence, whether these plants work directly or indirectly by mood regulation is still a black hole.

Improves Mood

There’s no doubt that plants are best for regulation and improvement of mood. Many studies support these claims that even during depression, a few minutes in nature worked wonders to improve mood.

Wandering Jews provide the same advantage to plant owners, especially as these breathtakingly beautiful plants can also be kept indoors. Hence, even during winters, especially if you’re prone to seasonal depression, you can rely on these tricolor plants to offer some liveliness.

Promotes Internal Healing

Many people aren’t aware of it, but Wandering Jews aren’t pretty on the outside. Instead, they offer some internal healing powers, which are also popular for herbal teas.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Wandering Jews have made it a traditional ingredient in teas. Whether you have digestive issues or can’t curb your skin’s infection, you can rely on these soothing plants to offer comfort and relief from these problems. Other than that, Wandering Jews are also known for curing respiratory infections.

Enhances Productivity

The soothing presence of Wandering Jews is one factor contributing to this plant’s endless benefits for improving productivity. Stress and anxiety reduction also play a great role, making these plants perfect for your workspace. Whether you work in a stressful office or are a creative genius, Wandering Jews can help you in both conditions.

Therefore, as stress reduces and creativity increases, so does your productivity. 

Enhances Brain Function

Wandering Jews, like every other plant species, are known for their ample oxygen supply in the environment. Therefore, this plant is also known for improving your brain’s cognitive functions.

Since appropriate oxygen levels in the brain can help reduce brain fog, it can help make wise decisions, think rationally, and even solve problems. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the reduced stress level can help you become productive, too, and enhanced cognitive function only adds to the equation. 

Improves Sleep Quality

Having plants around their space can be extremely advantageous for people with insomnia. Wandering Jews create a peaceful environment and offer calmness around their placement. Due to this soothing effect and anxiety reduction, you can have a calm and unstressed sleep for hours. 

Improved sleep quality will also make your mind less stressed and more focused in the morning, enhancing your productivity throughout the day. Hence, Wandering Jews can create a win-win situation for you with its day and night benefits.

Relieves Stubborn Allergies

Wandering Jews are also widely known for relieving allergies. Many allergens in the air, such as dust and pollen, can make breathing stressful and lead to various other allergies. Congestion and itchy eyes are common among these health issues, making you feel down.

With Wandering Jews, you can reduce these allergens as these beautiful plants are known for their allergen-absorption properties. Hence, when they purify the air and capture all the allergens, you can breathe freely and have fewer allergic reactions.

Boosts Immune System

Remember the herbal tea we discussed earlier? It’s highly effective for fighting several health issues and strengthening your immune system. The flavonoids in Wandering Jews are chemical compounds known for their distinct effects boosting the immune system.

Flavonoids have antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals and keep inflammation minimal. Moreover, these properties enhance and boost your immune system to keep major diseases such as cancer and diabetes away.

Aid in Breathing

Wandering Jews are known for absorbing pollutants and purifying the air, as discussed earlier. However, this property works wonders for people with bronchial issues such as asthma. Hence, Wandering Jews are the perfect home decor addition for people with asthma, as these plants reduce the pollutants that keep the attacks away.

To Sum It Up!

The countless Wandering Jew plant benefits make this plant a must-have for every plant owner. Whether you want to enjoy its benefits in your workspace or make your home look more aesthetic and purified, Wandering Jew plants can work wonders. You can enjoy the incredible benefits of Wandering Jews by planting them or even having them in your regular herbal tea.

The medicinal and other health benefits of Wandering Jews still require research and scientific studies. However, history is filled with references to Wandering Jew, which makes it popular today.