How to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

A snake plant doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, it doesn’t mean they can be left to grow and bloom. If you’ve recently bought a new snake plant and cannot wait for it to spread its long dark green and glossy leaves in the room, you need to adopt a few tips to make it grow faster.

The thing with a snake plant is that you cannot get rid of it or kill it so quickly. Similarly, it takes a lot of effort to grow as you desire. You need to consider a few factors that can help boost growth. If you have noticed that your snake plant is not growing like you hoped it would, it’s time to change a few things.

How to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

Snake plants are one of the most loved and popular houseplants worldwide. They are best known for their resilience and exquisiteness. There are several snake plane varieties available. Choose the one that suits the aesthetics of your home.

To help your snake plant grow faster here is what you need to do:

Your Pot Matters Most

When you’re about to plant or repot your snake seedling, you must know that the correct pot size plays an important role. The best size for snake plants is typically small. It will allow you to see the growth immediately.

These plants grow quicker in little pots and produce more pups. You can transfer your plant into bigger pots as and when needed. In case of a rootbound, it is best to report your plant. It will give the plant room to grow.

Be Mindful of How Much You Water It

Water is one of the essential factors that can kill your plant or allow it to thrive. Both overwatering and underwatering a plant can be harmful. Overwatering can kill the plant; underwatering will kill the nutrients it needs to grow. Your snake plant will suffer at the root in such cases. In such cases, the soil is always damp. Also, look for signs of root rot.

It is one of the reasons your plant must have stopped growing. However, your snake plant will be healthy once it is resolved.

Sunlight or Shade: Depends On the Type of Snake Plant

Most snake plants require sunlight, bright and direct. If your plant is placed in a dark area or the corner of a room with zero access, your plant will not grow. Once you move it near the window, you will see growth.

Snake plants are known to become inactive in winter. Thus, some sunlight will do your plants good. You can even use an indoor growth light to speed up the growing process.Is It Being Fertilized?

You need to ensure your snake plant is getting the nutrients it needs. And for that, a good fertilizer is what you require. For your plant to thrive, remember to fertilize it every four to six weeks. Yet, a full-strength fertilizer is not suitable for a snake plant. Thus, you must dilute the fertilizer solution and use it accordingly.

Note how your plant reacts to the fertilizer you’re putting in. If the leaves are becoming brown, you must not put anymore for a few weeks as there are high chances you’ve over-fertilized your soil. Cutting down the fertilizer for as long as eight weeks is best.

Check for Any Unwelcomed Guests: Pests

Several snake plant pests can halt the process of your plant. If you’re taking the required precautions and still find your plant refuses to grow, chances are it is infested. You must check for signs of the infestation immediately. If there are thin white webs, it is a sign of spider mites or bugs. Getting rid of the infestation is crucial for your plant to grow again.

Planting the Right Way 

If you’ve not planted before, it is best to get it done by an expert. Even though it is no rocket science, sometimes, when you least expect it, it turns out that the houseplant has not been planted well. The trick is not digging or burying them too deep inside the soil.

Get it planted the first time, and then follow the process for more snake plants in the house. This way, you’ll have all of them growing beautifully across the different areas in your home. 


Propagation is one way to get your snake plant to grow faster. Once you propagate it, it will help develop new shoots in the mother plants. They are best propagated through their cuttings and have quicker growth than other plants.

Check your snake plants and ensure each pot gets proper water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Keep a check on the temperature change and accordingly place them near the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

The trick to keeping your snake plants healthy and thriving in any room is not to give too little or too much of anything, be it sunlight, water, or fertilizer. A snake plant is indeed a beautiful addition to your house. If you take care of them, they will beautify your home and keep the air inside clean and fresh for you to breathe in. It also keeps allergies and toxins in the air away.

Follow these steps if you want to see your snake plants thrive!