Geranium Plants Brighten the Day

A close-up photo of a single pink geranium flower with velvety petals and delicate stamens, surrounded by green leaves.

Geraniums are one of our most popular outdoor plants; and they make great indoor flowering plants once the weather turns cold.  The plants we call Geraniums are really part of the genus Pelargonium which means “stork” in Latin.  There are over 200 Pelargonium species, most of them originally from South Africa. Geraniums come in a … Read more

How to Identify and Treat House Plant Pests

Spring is here and summer is approaching and with these seasons come open windows, screen doors, and an invasion of house plant pests, not that we haven’t been have our fair share all fall and winter. Once an insect infects one or your plants, the chances are fairly good that it will spread to the … Read more

Shamrock Plants for St. Patrick’s Day

A close-up photo of a shamrock plant with three green leaves and a single white flower.

Shamrock Plants, or Oxalis, appear in plant departments around St. Patrick’s Day. They  have the nickname,  Shamrock Plant, because of their soft, thin, triangular leaves that are divided into three leaflets, just like a lucky clover. Oxalis regnelli, the green leafed version, has small delicate white flowers, while Oxalis triangularis, or False Shamrock, has dark … Read more