Peace Lilies Tell You When to Water

Peace Lilies are great plants. Not only do they bloom in low light, they literally tell you when they need water or when they have too much water. If the leaves turn black, you are over watering. If they leaves get soft and droopy, your peace lily needs water. It’s as simple as that. Do not water until the plant starts to droop. In low light conditions that could be two weeks or more. If you forget the plant and it gets totally dried out, you may get a few bright yellow leaves once you water again. Getting rid of a few yellow leaves is a lot easier than fixing the roots of an over- watered plant. Here’s a picture of an over watered peace lily that a friend sent in and a picture of a healthy peace lily. Send some pictures of your favorite peace lilies to so I can share them with our followers.


Large green leaves and white flower on Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily