Rhapis Palm

A Lady Palm or Rhapis Palm is an elegant durable plant that can adapt to almost all conditions. The best variety to use as a houseplant is the Rhapis Excelsa. This slow growing palm has large, shiny, dark green fronds with blunt tips. The fronds of a Lady Palm grow out of multiple sturdy stems that are covered in a hairy brown fiber. When potted in a 6” or 8” container, this compact upright palm makes a great table plant. In a 10” or larger pot, a Lady Palm can grow up to 14 ft. tall. A Rhapis Palm is quite pricey but well worth it when you consider that it is a slow grower, has a long life span, demands little in the way of care, is a beautiful addition to any decor, and it cleans the air of harmful chemicals.



I Wanted to Buy a Lady Palm (Rhapis) but the Size I Wanted Was Really Expensive. If I Buy a Small One How Fast Will It Grow?

A Lady Palm grows very slowly! You should buy one almost exactly the size you eventually want it to be.

The Tips of My Lady Palm Are Turning Brown. What Am I Doing Wrong?

The main reason a Lady palm gets brown tips is over-watering. Cut back on your water and use a serrated or pinking shear to trim the brown tips. Another cause of brown leaf tips may be too much fertilizer in the soil. These palms need very little plant food and when used, it should be diluted to 1/4 the recommended strength. A Lady Palm is a slow grower so never cut the entire frond off unless absolutely necessary or you won’t have very many leaves left. Using a serrated scissors keeps the original look of the blunt leaf tip.

All of the Fronds on One Side of My Lady Palm Are Turning Yellow. I Am Feeding It So It’s Not That.

It sounds like one side of your Lady Palm may be getting too much light and that’s what’s causing the yellow leaves. Try moving it further from the light and see if the color improves.

The Fronds on My Lady Palm Are Getting Gray and Brittle. Can You Tell Me What’s Going on ?

The fronds of a Lady Palm turn gray and brittle when it is seriously over-watered.

The Tips of My Lady Palm Are Turning Almost Black. Is That Over-water?

Black tips or tip burn on a Lady Palm, usually means you are over-fertilizing or your water has too many chemicals in it, such as fluoride. Stop fertilizing your palm for several months and drench the soil two or three times with distilled water to wash out any accumulated salts tor chemicals.