Pygmy Date Palm

The Dwarf Pygmy Date palm, Phoenix roebelenii, originated underneath the canopy of dense tropical forests in Africa and Asia. This helps explain why this plant does so well in the indirect light found in homes and offices. The Pygmy Date palm grows very slowly, reaching a maximum height indoors of  4-5 ft. (1-2 meters). This palm produces arching, graceful fronds about 3ft. or .9 meters in length with delicate leaflets on them. These fronds develop off of a stately central trunk. Like most palms, the Dwarf Date palm is an excellent clean air plant.



Why Are There Yellow Spots on the Leaves of My Date Palm?

Yellow spots on Date Palm leaves appear when the plant is not getting enough magnesium from the plant food.

Why Are the Fronds of My Date Palm Turning Brown?

The fronds of a date palm turn brown when the plant is being over watered or if you are using hard water.

Can I Leave My Potted Date Palm on the Porch for the Winter?

You have to bring your palm indoors if the temperature goes below 50 degrees.