Rose Bush Plant

Miniature Rose bush plants, beautiful little hybrid plants that trace their parents back to China, usually appear in stores around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. These indoor houseplant rose bushes  look lovely when first purchased but are difficult to keep indoors on a permanent basis. Enjoy your rose bush plant in your home and then plant it outside as soon as the weather permits. A miniature rose bush plant grows much better outdoors in the fresh air and bright light. This plant produces small 1”-2” (2.5-5cm) flowers in red, yellow, pink, white, peach, and orange. Since a miniature rose is a hybrid of the regular rose, it requires the same type of care and attention as a regular Rose Bush plant.



Why Do the Flower Buds on My Miniature Rose Bush Plant Shrivel Up and Die Before Opening?

The flowers buds on your miniature rose bush plant shrivel and die before opening because the air in your home is probably too dry. These plants really prefer high humidity. Place your plant on a tray of wet pebbles (be sure the plant is sitting on the pebbles and not in the water) or next to a humidifier to increase the humidity around it.

Why Hasn’t My Miniature Rose Bush Plant Ever Bloomed Again? It Just Looks Skinnier and Uglier. What Am I Doing Wrong?

It sounds like your miniature rose bush plant needs much more very bright light. An indoor rose bush quickly deteriorates when it is not getting enough light. Miniature Rose plants like be planted outside in the sun as soon as the weather permits.

What Are Black Spots on the Leaves of My Miniature Rose Bush? I Keep Washing the Leaves Hoping to Get Rid of Whatever It Is, but It Just Keeps Getting Worse.

Your miniature rose bush plant has a plant fungus called black spot disease and washing the leaves just makes it worse. Remove the infected leaves, keep the rest of the leaves dry, decrease the humidity if possible, and spray your the plant with a Fungicide made for black spot disease.

Why Does My Miniature Rose Bush Plant Keep Getting Yellow Leaves?

Miniature rose bush plants get yellow leaves for any number of reasons: not enough water, not enough sun, or not enough humidity. Also, miniature rose bushes, like regular roses, become dormant for a few months and it is natural for them to lose their leaves during this period.