Maidenhair Fern

A Maiden Hair fern, which originated in the Brazilian tropics, can be found growing in temperate climates throughout the world. The graceful, delicate fronds sometimes reach 20″-24″ in length and are covered in tiny, triangular, bright green leaflets called pinnae. During the spring, a Maidenhair Fern produces fronds that seem to have tiny dark brown “spots” on the underside of the leaf edges. The “spots” are really fern spores; this is how the fern propagates in nature. These specialized fronds do not live as long as regular fronds and if you don’t like the way they look just cut them off.  Although a Maidenhair fern does require more care and attention, with the proper care this plant can live for a long while, growing more beautiful with each passing year.




I Have My Maidenhair Fern in the Bathroom Where It’s Getting Great Light and High Humidity but It’s Still Not Doing Well. What’s Wrong?

Maidenhair ferns need consistency and they don’t get it in the bathroom. After a shower the room is warm and humid, but the rest of the day and night it’s colder and the air is much drier. Find a spot where the temperature and humidity don’t fluctuate.

I Think My Maidenhair Fern Has AphidsSee a picture, learn to identify, and read about Aphid houseplant pests in the Glossary of or Some Other Pest. There Are These Tiny Brown Things on the Fronds.

The tiny brown things are reproductive spores and are perfectly normal. The spores only appear on certain fronds so if you don’t like the way they look, cut off those fronds.

My Maidenhair Fern Was Beautiful Until We Moved to Our New House, Now It Looks Sad and Hasn’t Produced Any New Leaves in a While. It’s in a Great Location. I Don’t Understand What’s Going on?

These ferns just don’t like being moved even if it’s from one good location to another. It will take a while for it to acclimate to its new home, so be patient, sooner or later it will start growing again.