Hoya Shooting Star Plant

The Hoya Shooting Star plant is native to Thailand and Malaysia. White blooms on a Hoya Shooting Star plant appear in large clusters, with the waxy petals leaning back behind the center of the flower, like shooting stars. There are over 200 species of the easy to grow almost indestructible hoya plant. These plants are often referred to as Wax Plants because of the waxy nature of their leaves and flowers.  Hoya plants grow well and produce more flowers when hanging in front of a window that gets bright, indirect light. Even a houseplant novice will be successful growing a Hoya plant if they don’t over water and cause stem and root rot.



Why Do Hoya Flower Buds Dry Up and Fall Off Without Opening?

Hoya flower buds dry up and fall off if the plant gets very dry. Hoya flower buds get spongy and fall off when the plant is over-watered.

Why Doesn’t My Hoya Plant Bloom?

The main reason mature Hoya Plants don’t bloom is because they are not getting enough light.

Can Hoya Plants Grow and Get Flowers Under Fluorescent Light?

Hoya plants bloom very well under fluorescent light.