Plant Propagation – Plant Division

Propagating houseplants by plant division works well with plants that form root clumps as they mature. When the roots fill the pot, take the plant out and gently pull the root ball into sections, never use a knife to do this. Plant the sections in pots that are a few inches larger than the new root balls. Try to use the same soil mixture that was used for the original plant. Tuber Division is a specialized form of plant division. Certain plants develop thick stems or roots called tubers that store food for the flowers and leaves. These plants, such as Caladium, Gloxinia, tuberous Begonias, and Cyclamen, should be propagated in the spring when they emerge from dormancy. Take the plant out of its pot and cut the tubers into sections. Each section should have a bud. Dip the cut ends of the tuber into a Rooting Hormone that contains a fungicide. Plant the tuber pieces just below the soil surface.