Cats and Houseplants – Keep Cats Away from Plants!

QUESTION: Could you please tell me how to keep cats away from plants. No matter what I try, my cats keep tearing my plants to pieces. ANSWER: We love our cats and we love our plants. It’s important to know how to keep cats away from plants since many are toxic to cats and can … Read more

How to Identify and Treat Powdery Mildew on Plants

QUESTION: Hello, My peace lily has developed powdery spots on the leaves, Some quick Google searches have led me to believe it may be fungal. If so, is there a safe fix for this, Thanks!! ANSWER: Hi Peter It looks like your peace lily plant has powdery mildew, a plant disease that can be caused by several … Read more

Why is My Anthurium Plant Dying

QUESTION: My Anthurium plant had tiny worms throughout the soil. I picked all the worms I could see out of the soil and loosened the root ball to pick them off the roots. I used bleach and hot water to sterilize the pot and fresh potting mix and a systemic insecticide for houseplants to repot. … Read more

Pothos Plant Turning Yellow

QUESTION: Hi Judy,You helped me save my over-fertilized jade plant many years ago and I was glad to see you are still available! I have a Pothos plant that is about 40 years old! I have had it since I was a teenager. I have cut it back, let it root in water and replanted … Read more

How to Identify and Treat Mealy Bugs on Plants

QUESTION: HiWhat is the white sticky stuff all over my dracaena? How do I get rid of it?Thanks ANSWER: Hi Ursula:   Your dracaena marginata plant has Mealy Bugs. Mealy bugs are one of the most annoying and destructive pests that attack houseplants. These tiny sucking insects look like small pieces of sticky cotton. When young, mealy bugs have … Read more

Gardenia Plant Turning Black and Leaves Falling Off

QUESTION: I am taking care of my sisters Gardenia plant and when I went to check on it today the leaves are wilting and turning black and falling off. Her land lady also checks on it and she fills the mister when the water runs out. My sister is in the hospital and has been … Read more

Winter Care for Plants

QUESTION: My winter care for plants just doesn’t seem to work. The plants do well all year and then practically die in the winter. Do you have any tips on how to care for plants in the winter? ANSWER: Winter Care for Plants During the winter, when plants rest and do not grow very much, … Read more

Best Indoor Palm Trees to Use as Houseplants

QUESTION: Are there any palm trees that can be grown and kept inside? Thank you! ANSWER: Hi Keeley, Here is a list of my favorite indoor Palm trees that do extremely well as houseplants. You can read all my care tips on how to grow and care for these palm trees in the Popular Houseplant … Read more

Chinese Evergreen Turning Yellow

QUESTION: Hi Judy,You helped me identify my Chinese evergreen a few years ago. It has been growing nicely but is very leggy. I recently put it into a new pot and new baby stems are trying to grow but they quickly die. Also older leaves are a mixture of unhappy and and happy. I would … Read more

Fungus Gnat Problem

QUESTION: I cannot seem to get rid of fungus gnats. I have repotted my plants with new soil, added a layer of tiny pebbles on the top of the soil but to no avail. Can you help me with my fungus gnat problem?Thanks for your help and advice, ANSWER: Fungus Gnat Description A fungus gnat … Read more