Lipstick Plant – Identification and Care Tips

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I picked this guy up ~15 years ago from a big box store. No label of course. It was pretty happy until I forgot to water it for a LONG time a few years ago. I’ve never seen anything quite like it since, but I want another because it did so well almost anywhere I put it.

I thought it might be tradscantia, but the leaf arrangement isn’t right. This plant had palmately arranged leaves in clusters. And the stems and leaves were more plump and succulent-y. Green leaves and reddish stems.

I’m so sorry the picture is so bad but it’s the best I could find and the plant is long gone.


Hi Erin,

I can’t tell what the plant is from this picture. From your description it sounds like it might be a lipstick plant. Here’s a picture of a lipstick plant (in bloom), what do you think?

A  Lipstick plant is an easy care indoor flowering houseplant. With the right the right amount of light and not too much water, they produce numerous red or orange small, tubular flowers throughout the year. Not only are the flowers colorful, the leaves, depending upon the variety of Lipstick plant, can be light green, dark green, or green and maroon. You can put a Lipstick plant on a table, hang it from the ceiling in a decorative pot, or set it in a wall sconce. Read all my care tips for a Lipstick plant in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.