Brown Spots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

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Can you tell me what is causing small brownish/red spots towards the center of the leaves on my fiddle leaf fig plant and how to treat and prevent the problem.


Hi Leslie,

The main reason for brown spots on a fiddle leaf fig plant is usually over-watering. Over-watering causes plant edema (sometimes referred to as “moisture stress”) which results in the leaf spots. What happens is the roots absorb more water than the plant can use. When the water is transported to the leaves and then not used, the cells in the leaves explode causing the brownish/red spots on the leaves. Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out and the leaves to become soft and flexible before watering. When the plant is getting new leaves it usually requires a bit more water. When the plant is not actively producing new leaves it needs less water.

Spider mites can also cause small reddish brown spots on the leaves. Check the undersides of the leaves. If there appears to be a reddish haze and a rough feel to the leaves it may be spider mites. Spray the backs of the leaves with a solution of water, a few tablespoons of a liquid, biodegradable soap like ivory, and a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.