Blue Star Fern – How to Grow Care Guide

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How much light and other things does a Blue Star fern need to grow in my apartment?


Hi Billy,

Blue Star Fern

Here are some care tips for growing a Blue Star fern.

Light: A Blue Star fern, Phlebodium aureum, likes bright, indirect light and can tolerate a little morning sun. It will even survive, though not grow very quickly, in lower light. You should avoid putting a Blue Star fern in afternoon sun.

Water: Keep the soil barely moist but never soggy. When the soil is too wet, the plant develops root and can quickly start to die. Never allow the plant to totally dry out.

Plant Food: Feed a Blue Star fern when the plant is actively growing, usually during the spring and summer, with a balanced plant food diluted to at least 1/2 the recommended strength.

Temperature:  A Blue Star fern prefers temperatures around 50° – 80° F (10°-26.6°C)

Humidity: A Blue Star fern  requires high humidity. If your home is dry dry, you may have to get a small humidifier, or set the plant on a wet pebble tray. Be sure the plant is sitting on the pebbles and not in the water.

Soil: Use a loose, good quality potting soil that drains quickly.