Plant Identification Help


I am a more recent houseplant convert and have one that we received from someone else who didn’t know what it was. I searched through a few common houseplant guides and was unable to locate anything similar, nor have I been able to locate it in our local stores. Could you take a look and see if you can help with identification? I recently re-potted it and I have a feeling I may have done something detrimental to it so I would love some care instructions. Love the website, I was able to identify our other plants and gather great instructions for them. Thank you!


Hi Zach,

Your plant is a Hawaiian Schefflera or Arboricola. There are complete care instructions in the Popular House Plant Section of the website. If green leaves fall off you are over watering. If a Hawaiian Schefflera gets yellow leaves it needs more water. By moving your plant to a larger pot, the soil may be staying wet a lot longer and causing some root rot.