Can’t ID my house plant!

Hi Judy,

I have looked and looked online and have been unable to ID one of my houseplants. A photo is attached. I would also like to know if it will eventually start it’s own new stems? It just seems to get taller and taller. I started it from 2 stem cuttings that were propagated in water. I’m thinking of transplanting it to a larger pot. Any advice?
Thank you every so much for your help.

Hi Lenni,


Your plant is a Dracaena sanderiana, also known as a Ribbon Dracaena. It is the plant used to make the Lucky Bamboo plant. It will not produce new stems, only get taller. You need to cut the existing stems to get the plant to branch out. Do not move this dracaena to a new pot until the roots have filled the existing pot.