Why Prayer Plant Gets Yellow Leaves

Why do leaves on my prayer plant turn yellow and die? How do I correct the problem?


If parts of the leaves have yellow spots and the leaves are curling, this usually means the plant needs a bit more water.

Yellow leaves could also indicate that the plant is suffering from “chlorosis.”  This problems usually starts on the newer leaves of the plant and works its way up to the older leaves. Chlorosis means the plant has an iron deficiency. In this case the entire leaf turns yellow but you can still see the veins in the leaves.

I’ve found that iron deficiency is caused by too much phosphorous in the soil from a fertilizer high in phosphorous, or over watered soil that has become heavy and compacted.

Here are a couple of things you can do to fix the situation.  Give the plant some liquid iron fertilizer. Add some peat moss or compost to the soil to loosen it up. Give the plant some chelated iron in the form of a foliar spry or as a soil supplement. Check your fertilizer to make sure it is not high in phosphorous and use a plant food low in phosphorous. The middle number on the plant food indicates the amount of phosphorous in it. You want something that reads 10/5/10.

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