Why Peperomia Plant Gets Yellow Leaves

Hi There!

I purchased this plant maybe three years ago and it has been doing great. I water once a week but recently I have noticed the bottom leaves are starting to discolor from their regular vibrant green. I haven’t changed any care rituals. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this plant, but I am looking for some advice. Should I re-pot? Give it some food, if so what type? Change my watering habits? Any advice is welcome! Thank you!

Hi Maddy,


Your plant is a type of peperomia. Yellow leaves are usually the result of over-watering. Peperomia plants are succulent plants and will also lose leaves from over watering. Does your pot have drip holes in the bottom? If not, over time excess water may have collected in the bottom of the pot. This would cause the roots to stay wet for a prolonged period and eventually start to rot. If it were my plant, I would remove the plant from the pot and check the soil at the bottom of the container. If it is wet, get rid of all the wet soil, especially on the roots of the plant. Allow your peperomia to sit out bare root for at least 12 hours. Re-pot into a container with drip holes in the bottom. The pot should only be an inch or two larger than the root ball. Do not water again for about 10 days. Never allow the pot to sit in the excess water. You can read all my care tips for a peperomia in the Popular Houseplant section of the website