Why is my houseplant dropping leaves?

Hi Judy,
I got a plant a couple weeks ago. Could you please help identify this plant (picture attached) and why it’s dropping leaves?
I first kept it in low light then near the window, watered regularly after checking the soil and kept the house heating down to 76F, but seems like nothing is working and the leaves keep dropping every day
..Please help

Hi Hassan,

Yellow, green, and orange Croton houseplant
Croton Plant

Your plant is a type of Croton Plant. Crotons are poisonous houseplants so please keep it away from small children and pets. I think your plant is losing leaves because it is over-watered. Here a some care tips for a Croton.

You can read more about Croton Plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website. The picture is of a different variety but the care is the same.