Why Do my Dieffenbachia HousePlants Die?

I have had alot of luck with houseplants, but every time I get a Diffenbachia Plant I manage to kill it. In July 2015 I bought a little plant in a 4inch pot, it was beautiful, it slowly began to loose a leaf from the bottom an now has one leaf starting to sprout, I would really love to save this plant. I know it gets good light I am very careful with watering, I use the vitamin you recomended Superthrive on all my houseplants. Can you please help Judy? Thanks, Susan


Hi Susan,

Learn why dieffenbachia plants lose leaves and how to prevent it at Houseplant411.com

Here are a couple of reasons why your dieffenbachia plant may be losing leaves.

Light: Dieffenbachia plants require bright in direct light. Give the plant a 1/4 turn every week so all parts of the plant, especially the bottom, get adequate light.

These plants are very poisonous so keep them away from small children and pets.