Why a Dieffenbachia Gets Brown Leaves

Would you be able to tell me what this plant is? Also, as you can see some of the leaves are turning brown. What should I do to make this plant healthy again?


Hi Tamme,

Learn why large colorful leaves on dieffenbachia turn brown at Houseplant411.com

Your plant is a type of dieffenbachia (like the picture above) which is an extremely poisonous houseplant. Brown leaf tips can be caused by a number of things.

Too much plant food: Fertilize only when the plant is actively producing new leaves. Most dieffenbachia plants should be fed every two weeks in the summer, monthly in the spring and fall, and never in the winter. Excess plant food causes brown leaf edges.
Poor water quality: Do not use water that contains a lot of chemicals such as fluorine or chlorine. If your household water does have these chemicals in it, allow the water to sit out over night before using it so the chemicals can evaporate.  Also, never use water that has passed through a water softener. It contains too much salt.
Dieffenbachia plants can also get brown leaves when not watered on a regular schedule.